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Determine the simplest formula for compounds that have the following analyses. The data may not be exact.

28.5% iron, 48.6% O, 22.9% S

This is what I did:
28.5g Fe 1 mole Fe/55.847g = .51 mole
48.6g O 1 mole O/15.999g = 3.04 mole
22.9g S 1 mole S/32.064g = .71 mole

(Fe1.0 O6.0 S1.4)5 = Fe5 O30 S7

is that right? can you please help me check my answer?

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    The thing that strikes me is the sum of the compositions is exactly 100 percent, yet the problem says it may not be exact. So if Fe were reduced by .6gram, and S were increased by .6 gram. ... one gets Iron(II) sulfite

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    I don't get it either. But overall, did i get my calculation right? or did i do the process right?

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    The process looks ok to me. The statement about not being exact but the percentages add to 100.0 (plus few of us have heard of Fe5S7O30)makes me think that the problem was made up.

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    yea they are completely made up.

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