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i did a lab and found that of the products two gases were formed

H2 and H2CO3

the question is... What are the tests that will verify the identity of these gases?

what is this asking?

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    The question is asking, "What tests can be done as proof that one is H2 gas and the other is CO2 gas.?"
    H2 is lighter than air and not soluble in water. H2CO3 is not a gas although it decomposes to a gas.
    H2CO3 ==> H2O + CO2.
    In addition to H2 being lighter than air, pure hydrogen reacts with air to explode but if done in a test tube one gets just a slight "poof" out of it. For CO2, bubble it through lime water. A white precipitate of CaCO3 proves the presence of CO2 IF the gas has no odor. (Sulfite ion also gives a gas (SO2) that produces a ppt with limewater; however, SO2 has a very choking odor.)

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