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A hiker follows a route that consists of three displacement vectors A, B, and C. Vector A is along a measured trail and is 1550 meters in a direction 25 degrees north of east. The direction of Vector B is 41 degrees east of south, and the direction of vector C is 35 degrees north of west. The hiker ends up back where at the original starting point, so the reslultant displacement is zero or A+B+C=0. Find the magnitudes of Vectors B and C.

An explanation of the answer with some work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Break each of the vectors into N, E components.

    For instance:
    vectorC is -C*Cos35 E and C*sin35N
    do that for all three vectors, then the sum of all three E vectors will be zero, and the sum of all three N vectors will be zero. Solve B, C (B,C is a magnitude of vectors b, C

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