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Homework Help: History (continued)

Posted by Spongebob on Monday, January 19, 2009 at 5:56pm.

1.The group that has the sole powerto begin impeachment hearings is
A. Senate
B. Supreme court
C. House of representatives
D. The president's cabinet
Answer: C

2. All of the followig are powers of the president execpt:
A. Declaring war
B. Giving the state of the union address
C. enforcing the laws
D. Granting pardons
Answer: A

3. Article 3 deals with
A. The executive branch
B. The legislative branch
C. The judicial branch
D. The rights of an individual
Answer: C

4. How long are the terms of the president and vice president
A. two years
B. four years
C. six years
D. life
Answer: B

5.What is the introduction to the constitution called
A. The bill of rights
B. Article 1
C. The bill of rights
D. Preamble
Answer: D

6. Mrs. Green goes to vote in the next congressional electon. The election official looks at her and says "woman, get out of here. You know you can't vote. Females don't have any right to vote." What amendment does this violate?
A. Amendment 15
B. Amendment 24
C. Amendment 19
D. Amendment 26
Answer: C

7. Who is not in the executive branch
A. president
B. vice president
C. chief justice
D. cabinet officers
Answer: C

8. Before our country was formed, the king of england often kept people as prisoners without putting them on trial for years. The people that founded our country ensured that could not happen in the united states by passing an amendment that made keeping people in jail without giving them a fair and speedy trial illegal. What amendment states that I have the right to a fair and speedy trial
A. Amendment 4
B. Amendment 5
C. Amendment 6
D. Amendment 7
Answer: C

9. Amendment 26 gave this group the right to vote:
A. women
B. blacks
C. eighteen year olds
D. none of the above
Answer: C

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