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American Government

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What statement is true about the legislative branch?

A. It is divided into a senate and a house of representatives
B. Members are selected for life
C. It has no real authority
D. It is more powerful than any other branch of government.

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    Check this grade 3 - 5 site.

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    Don't we have elections for senators and representatives? It is just to replace the dead ones? What about incumbents?

    Think about it

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    it didn't help have another site i can use

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    Perhaps reading my previous answer will help

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    Because of the balance of powers, no single branch of government is more powerful than another. Courts can overrule laws past by legislatures (t they are unconstitutional), and presidents can veto their laws.

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    Missy -- are you saying that you don't understand a site for elementary school students?

    "Legislative Branch

    The legislative branch of government is made up of the Congress and government agencies, such as the Government Printing Office and Library of Congress, that provide assistance to and support services for the Congress. Article I of the Constitution established this branch and gave Congress the power to make laws. Congress has two parts, the House of Representatives and the Senate."

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