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A 5 kg mass is thrown up with a velocity of 4 m/s from a height of 30 m onto a spring with a relaxed length of 10 m, and a constant of 400 N/m. What will the maximum compression of the spring be? What will the speed of the object be when the spring is compressed 0.3 m?

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    Have you tried applying conservation of energy? Show your work and one of us will gladly critique it.

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    d=0.816 m + 30 m = 30.816 meters above the ground

    mgh = mgh + 1/2kx^2 = (5 kg)(9.8 m/s^2)(30.816) = 200x^2-49x+490

    x=2.75 m


    v=20.17 m/s

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