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Science Sorry I just need help one more time!

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Ok I am doing a project in science on radiation. I have to make a brochure. I need help answering these questions about radiation. Or some good sites would be nice too. I looked on google but they didn't really help. Thank you!

Where does radiation come from?
When is it dangerous?
Should I be worried?

For the question "What is it?"
I put this does this sound correct:
Radiation is energy transmitted in the form of high speed particles and electromagnetic waves. We are familiar with electromagnetic radiation in the form of visible light, radio and television waves and etc. Radiation is part of nature. It is in our body, in the air that we breathe. It is every where!

Thank you! Sorry if I have asked to many questions,

  • Science Sorry I just need help one more time! -

    Your "what is it" discussion is fine if you are just talking about electromagnetic radiation.

    When you talk about radioactivity, some kinds of particles are also called "radiation". These are alpha particles (helium nuclei), beta particles (electrons and positrons) and "free" neutrons. All of those types of radiation can be dangerous.

    It is not clear if your project is about radioactivity or electromagnetic radiation.

    Electromagnetic radiation is dangerous if the wavelength is far ultraviolet or shorter (such as X rays and gamma rays). Infrared and microwave radiation is only dangerous if is intense enough to overheat your body. Visible radiation (sunlight) is mainly dangerous to your eyes if too bright.

  • Science Sorry I just need help one more time! -

    Thanks! Ya, I am not sure what one it is either because are teacher just said radiation.

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