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predict the identity of the precipitate that forms.

calcium nitrate, Ca(NO3)2, and sodium chloride , NaCl

why does the answer come out as no reaction?

couldnt it form to be CaCl2 or NaNO3

i thought it had something to do with the fact that Na and NO3 are both soluble so they can't go together but that still leaves CaCl2....

help please!!

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    There is no reaction because none of the following occurred.
    Reactions take place for one of the following three reasons:
    1. A precipitate (an insoluble material) is formed. If you look, none of the possible combinations are insoluble. (NaNO3 and CaCl2 are the only two other possibilities besides the starting materials.)
    2. A gas is formed. (There is no gas in this equation.)
    3. A slightly ionized material is formed. (All of the possible combinations are 100% ionized.
    4.(These three leave out the possibility of an oxidation-reduction reaction taking place.) Actually, that counts as a fourth reason.

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