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In a typical synthesis reaction, 0.142 g of chlorine gas is reacted with an unkown elemnt X to form a compound with the formula XCl3. If the final product has a mass of 0.178 g, what is the atomic mass of the unknown element?

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    3Cl2 + 2X ==>2XCl3

    mols Cl2 = g/molar mass = 0.142/molar mass Cl2.

    mols XCl3 = mols Cl2 x (2 mol XCl3/3 mols Cl2)= xx

    mols XCl3 = g/molar mass or rearrange to
    molar mass = g/mols
    Then knowing molar mass and mass Cl3, determine mass X which will be the atomic mass. Look on the periodic table to determine the metal.
    Check my work.

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    The guy posting as DrBob222 attempts to make the student do the question out themselves by posting the structure of the question. I hope this guy realizes his psychobabble is not understandable and that he is the bane of students everywhere.

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