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i need to come up with 3 examples of an equal chance of something happening.
these are the examples i have thought of but don`t know if they are right.

1/flipping a coin
2/coloured counters out of a bag
3/rolling a dice.

please could someone tell me if they are right or wrong thanks.

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    I don't understand your answers. On the die, for example, each side has a chance of coming up 1 in six times. The die has a equal chance of coming up even or odd. I am not certain what you are asking.

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    sorry. my homework question is to think of 3 examples of an equal chance of something happening.
    i can`t think of anything else.
    i thought of cutting a cake into slices but that's not something happening. a race -every one has an equal chance of winning.

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    flipping a coin and measuring head, tail frequency.

    tossing a die, measuring odd vs even.

    taking a true false test by randomly answering, and getting your score..

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