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Posted by rosland on Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 4:10am.

Simplify each expression blow:
(a). 18.5 - (4.8 + 0.2)² + 4.1  2=

(b). 11.35 + (0.2  3.5 )² - 3.7=

©. On a business trip, Jason bought the following amounts of gasoline: 15.4, 12.2, 13.8, and 10 gallons (gal). How much gasoline did he purchase on the trip?

(d). If Jason paid for the above purchases of gasoline, the amounts of $42.95, $34.05, $38.50, and $27.90 with two $100 bills. How much cash does he have left?

(e). Multiply the numbers without a calculator: 3.75  0.73 =

Problem #8.

(a). 1.257 x 10²=

(b). Round the number 23.5724 to two decimal places.

(c). Round the number 2.5976 to the thousandths.

(d). 7² + 9²  10²=

(e). We find the circumference of a circle by multiplying the diameter of the circle by 3.14. If a circle has a diameter of 4.2 ft. What is its circumference, to the nearest hundredth of a foot.

Problem #9.

(a). Divide: 4.983  1,000

(b). Divide: 523  105

(c ). A street improvement project will cost $58,350, and that cost is to be divided among the 100 families in the area. What will be the cost to each individual family?

(d). Find the decimal equivalents of the common fraction . Round to the thousandths place value.

(e). The area of a whole circle is 3.14 multiply the square of its radius. Find the area of a semicircle (half of a circle) of radius R=2.

Problem #10.
(a). Write the decimal 0.235 as common fraction or mixed numbers. Simplify your answer.

(b). Write the decimal 2.25 as a mixed number. Simplify your answer

(c). Insert < or > to form a true statement. 0.124 ______

(d). Which of the numbers and terminate and which repeat. Explain your answer.

(e). A baseball team has a winning percentage of 0.275. Write this as a fraction in simplest form.

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