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AP Statistics

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Maria and Zoe are taking Biology 105 but are in different classes. Maria's class has an average of 78% with a standard deviation of 5% on the midterm, whereas Zoe's class has an average of 83% with a standard deviation of 12%. Assume that scores in both classes follow a normal distribution.

A. Convert Maria's midterm score of 84 to a standard z score.
which is correct?

a. 0.083
b. 0.5
c. 0.2
d. 1.2
e. 6

B Convert Zoe's midterm score of 89 to a standard z score.

a. 1.2
b. 0.5
c. 6
d. 0.917
e. 2.2

C. Who did better relative to her class?
a. Maria
b. Zoe
c. They performed the same.
d. Neither
e. Cannot determine

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    This question was answered after it was reposted later

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    Maria's Z-score was 1.2
    Zoe's Z-score was .5

    Since a Z-score of .5 is closer to 0 (the mean) it means she scored higher than Zoe.

    2 reasons behind it... the class avg was higher in Zoe's class, plus the standard deviation was more than double (it was 12 vs Maria's 5)

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