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Homework Help: Poetry

Posted by Larry on Friday, January 9, 2009 at 3:28am.

Okay, heres an "I am" poem. But I need help on what to put for the "i am" lines. It has to be two personality characteristics.

The theme is about the world being destroyed. I was thinking of using "I am hopeful and amazed", but don't if that would fit into the theme.

I am,,,
I wonder if it will one day all be gone
I hear high pitch chirps
I see the plants and flowers sway back and forth
I want it to never disappear
I am...
I pretend that I am one of them
I feel comfortable and content
I touch the cool, green grass and smile to myself
I worry that someday we might destroy it
I cry when I think it will die
I am...
I understand that it is sometimes necessary to clear it all away
I say to myself, "Someday it will end, but not today"
I dream of a world without destruction
I try to convince myself it is possible
I hope it will come true
I am,,,

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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