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A jet powered car leaves from Georgia to Virginia , 4600 km away. It goes 1010 km/h. At the same time another jet powered car drives from Virginia to Georgia, but it only goes 750 km/h. Where do the two jet powered cars pass each other? Km from Georgia, use two sigfigs.

I say 2.6 x 10^, but it says its wrong? What am I doing wrong.

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    For one thing, your 10^ has no exponent.

    The distance between the two cars decreases at 1760 km/h. They start out 4600 km apart. The pass each other at t = 4600/1760 = 2.61364 h. In that time, the Car leaving GA has travelled 2640 km. The car leaving VA has travelled 1960 km. Round that to two sig figs if you wish. If you do, that would be 2.6*10^3 km from GA, which may be what you meant. In that case I agree with you

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