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4th Grade Math Correction

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PLEASE HELP.I am sorry. I posted the question wrong earlier this evening.
Instead of 300 it should have read:

3000 exercise books are arranged into 3 piles. The first pile has 10 more number of books than the second pile. The number of books in the second pile is twice the number of books in the third pile. How many books are there in the third pile?

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    I realize you are not studying algebra but that is the easiest way I know to solve this problem.
    Otherwise you have to try different numbers for one pile, compute the required numbers in the other piles, add them up, and see whatever works.

    If there are N books in the third pile, there are 2N in the second pile and 2N +10 in the third pile. The total number of books is 5N + 10 and that equals 3000. That means 5N = 2990 and
    N = 598 (pile 3)
    2N = 1196 (pile 2)
    2N + 10 = 1206 (pile 1)

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