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One mole of nirtogen at 273K occupying 10 litres (state 1) is to be expanded to a volume of 20 litres at 373K (state 2). An infinite number of paths from state 1 to state 2 are possible. Consider the following important paths:
(a) The gas is expanded isothermally and reversibly at 273K to a volume of 20 litres and then heated to 373K.
(b) The gas at a volume of 10 litres is heated from 273K to 373K and then expanded isothermally to 20 litres.

Compare the numerical values for the change in internal energy, heat absorbed from the surroundings and work done on the gas for the two routes, assuming that nitrogen behaves as an ideal gas and C(v)=(19.0 + 0.005 T/K)J K^-1 mol^-1.

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