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How was Brutus considered as ¡®the noblest Roman¡¯ despite the fact that he was one of the conspirators?
Julius Caesar, written by William Shakespeare in 1599, was one of the most successful plays in our history. Although it is called Julius Caesar, the story is more focused on so-called man Brutus. Brutus was a very good friend of Caesar who joins the conspiracy against Caesar and end up killing him. Although he was one of the conspirators, he was considered as ¡®the noblest Roman¡¯ from his enemy. The reason for this cause was Brutus¡¯ different reasons of joining the conspiracy to the others, the way he joined the conspiracy and his noble acts shown to the others.
Unlike the other conspirators, Brutus joined the conspiracy because he was afraid of Caesar being strong and thought he might end up being a dictator. The other conspirators however, decided to kill Caesar because they were envious of his power and was money-hungry. Brutus killed Caesar because he loved Rome more than him and he was dedicated to bring peace in Rome with any cost. He wasn¡¯t sure whether he should join the assassination plan but after realizing that Caesar was going to be a ruler of Rome, he decided to join the conspiracy. Although he ended up killing Caesar, Brutus had different reasons of killing Caesar than the other conspirators.
Secondly, he was more of forced to join the conspiracy rather than coming with his own decision. He was ¡®tricked¡¯ rather than ¡®agreed¡¯ to Cassius when he sent a false letter disguised as a Roman worried about Caesar being too strong and ambitious. Being convinced by this letter, Brutus decided to join Cassius and his other conspirators to save Rome from Caesar. He also thought that all other members of the conspiracy had the same mind as him, killing Caesar for Rome not for their own deeds. However, he thought wrong and he didn¡¯t know the truth forever. For Brutus loved Rome more than Caesar, he had to join the conspirators in a good reason.
Last but not least, Brutus maintained his noble characteristics throughout the play. When other conspirators considered Antony as a threat and plans to kill him as well, Brutus persuades them not to kill Antony as he is not a threat and he is one of the most noble and important person in Rome. He also gave Antony an opportunity to speak a funeral oration, although it was a bad decision. He accepted his mistake and also him being defeated by Antony and Octavius. At the end of the play, Brutus dies with his own hands courageously, in comparison to Cassius, who asks help of his servant to kill him. When Antony and Octavius discovers of Brutus¡¯ death, they mourned him as ¡®the noblest Roman¡¯ and adds that they should bury him in the most honorable way. Brutus is remembered as an honorable man even though he was a conspirator.
Julius Caesar is a tragic play, well describing the ambition and competition over power during the old times. It can be said that Brutus was an unfortunate hero rather than an evil traitor. Although he became one of the conspirators against Caesar, he did it for the Romans¡¯ future yet he still had he noble mind towards the others. Because of his love towards Rome and his motivation, Brutus was remembered as ¡®the noblest Roman¡¯.

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