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The term Intrinsic denotes a characteristic or property of some thing or action which is essential and specific to that thing or action, and which is wholly independent of any other object, action or consequence. A characteristic which is not essential or inherent is extrinsic

here it is it doesnt make any sense to me

what does it even apply to?

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    First, let me start over for I was running on the wrong track. Next, I think you looked up the definition (which I told you to) in a dictionary. Here is what you want, copied from a freshman chemistry text.
    Intensive property. A property that is independent of the amount of material in a sample.
    Extensive property. A property that depends on the amount of material in a sample.
    Examples of intensive and extensive properties are at this site.

    Now the word intrinsic means something a little different (and there is extrinsic also); basically, intrinsic means a characteristic or some part which is essential. For example, my heart or my lungs are an intrinsic part of my body. An extrinsic means that it isn't essential.

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    ohhhh i get it!!!
    i always thought that it was like a characteristic of something kind of like melting point is
    when really it tells if a property depends on amount of matter

    thanks so much

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