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these two are the same type of questions but i have no clue how to figure out the answer. i have tried drawing it out but don't know what to do after that.
1. a bicycle with a 28-inch wheel(diameter) travels a distance of 800 feet. how many revolutions does the wheel make (to the nearest revolution)?

2. A wheel with a 20-inch radius is marked at two points on the rim. the distance between the marks along the wheel is found to be 3 inches. what is the angle (to the nearest tenth of a degree) between the radii to the two marks?
it would be realy helpful if you could explain to me how to figure out these two. thks

  • trigonometry -

    1. How far does the wheel go in 1 rotation?
    C = piD = pi(28)inches
    but 800 feet = 9600 inches
    so no of rotations = 9600/(28pi) = 109 to the nearest whole number

    for 2. is the 3 inches the straight line distance betweeen the points or is it measured along the arc?

    If straight, use the Cosine Law,
    If arc length, set up a ratio..
    angle/360 = 3/(40pi), solve for "angle"

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