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In the famous play, Julius Caesar, the most important characters would have to be Caesar and Brutus. Each character has its distinctive role, Caesar as the ruler of Rome and Brutus as one of the Caesar¡¯s best friends. They both have the same goal, whereas have different ambitions. Although they are respected and eager to make Rome a better place, their inflexibility becomes a major flaw, meeting a tragic end. First of all, Caesar was inflexible throughout the play almost the entire time. Caesar¡¯s most foolish decision was not listening to some else¡¯s advice or concern. Caesar was warned by so many people about his coming death. These people were the Soothsayer, his wife Calpurnia and Artemidorus. They told Caesar about their dreams, bad signs and warning such as ¡®Beware the Ides of March¡¯ however, Caesar did not listen to them or even accept to listen. He thought that he was too powerful and worthy that he did not listen to advice and just make his own decision. His rigidity blocked his way to avoid death and his enemies seized opportunity to kill him. His reward of being the most powerful man in Rome vanished with his one fatal mistake of not listening to some else. Brutus also showed his rigidity and met death however; he was honored by people around him. He was more unfortunate rather than being inflexible as he was tricked by Cassius and the other conspirators. He received a letter from Cassius disguised as a Roman complaining and worrying about Caesar being a dictator. Of course, Brutus made his mind to join the conspirators and kill Caesar for Rome. After being successful of killing Caesar, he made another mistake by allowing Antony to speak during the funeral oration. This gave Antony an opportunity to convince people that Caesar should not have been killed and Brutus and other conspirators should be blamed for his death. Throughout the play, Brutus showed his foolishness of making a bad decision. His reward of killing Caesar also vanished as Octavius came into the ruling position who acted the exactly the same way as the former ruler. Moreover, he blew his opportunity to convince the citizens of Rome by giving Antony an opportunity to speak after him. Although both characters showed their inflexible actions and decisions, they also had successful times in the play. Caesar for instance, refused to receive the crown in front of Roman citizens three times, showing that he had no ambition of becoming a King, but to remain as a leader to guide Rome. Brutus also showed his noble behavior such as allowing Antony to speak during the funeral oration and accepting his failure and mistakes. These good deeds however, were useless as the consequences of these actions were bigger than the actions they made. It was a good intention, but the result for it was too big, also a negative one. The Two main characters have shown their rigid actions throughout the play. Their decisions were made for the best intention but the results they brought them were the worst situation. The end they each met was very tragic but they both had its reason for it. Caesar and Brutus¡¯ inflexible decisions give a message to think twice, before it becomes a fatal mistake.

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