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Based on the reading in Chapter 3 of the text, what factors do you think most contributed to the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education (1954)? How does this decision continue to impact education today?

I say the Civil rights. I say this movement but I am not sure if that could be one and I am not sure how to write the rest of the answer...

#2) Read the opening scenario on pp. 91-92 of the text. How would you resolve this situation? What strategies would you use to incorporate tolerance and sensitivity toward the ethnic values in Ms. Williams' classroom?

Denise Williams had become increasingly aware of the racial tension in
the high school in which she teaches, but she did not expect the hostility
that erupted between some black and white students that Friday. In
the week that followed, the faculty decided they had to do more to develop positive
interethnic and interracial relations among students. They established a committee
to identify consultants and other resources to guide them in this effort.
Ms. Williams, however, thought that neither she nor her students could wait for
months to receive a report and recommendations from the committee. She was ready
to introduce the civil rights movement in her social studies class. It seemed a perfect
time to promote better cross-cultural communications. She decided that she would let
students talk about their feelings.
She soon learned that this topic was not an easy one to handle. African American
students expressed their anger at the discriminatory practices in the school and the
community. Most white students did not believe that there was any discrimination.
They believed there were no valid reasons for the anger of the African American and
Latino students and that if they just followed the rules and worked harder, they
would not have their perceived problems. She thought the class was getting
nowhere. In fact, sometimes the anger on both sides was so intense that she worried
a physical fight would erupt. She was frustrated that the class discussions and activities were not helping students understand their stereotypes and prejudices. At times, she thought students were just becoming more polarized in their beliefs. She
wondered whether she could do anything in her class to improve understanding,
empathy, and communications across groups.

I think that the first thing I would do to resolve the situation is to....

I am stuck there

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