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I need help making a food web for the following:
Forest-field ecosystem,
Seed-eating bird,Snake,

I also need help on another one:

Saltwater Marsh Ecosystem, Algae,
Crustacean, Decomposers, Egret, Grasshopper, Mallard Duck, Marine Plants, Marsh Hawk, Mouse, Rat Shew,
Smelt, Snail, Terrestial Plants

Thaks for the help!

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    Well to make a food web you first got to know what gives energy to what. Say you start with grass. What does grass give energy to? well, maybe a deer? so you should draw an arrow from the grass pointing to the deer. Another example is with a tree. What do trees give energy to? Trees give energy to seed-eating birds. So you draw the arrow from the tree point to the bird. Do you get what I am saying?

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    Here is a site that is "Fun with Food Webs:"


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