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Find the limit of the function:
as x approaches 1. We're hinted at using the result that sinx/x = 1 as x approaches 0.
Im not sure how we go abt doing this qs.
thanks in advance

  • do not understand question - ,

    as written the answer is simply tanp/tanq

    what is tanp?
    what is tanq ?
    what is p and what is q ?

    Does this mean tan (px - p) / tan (qx - q)? or something?

  • math - ,

    tanp and tanq is short for tangent p and tangent q respectively(we havent been told where p is a variable or constant; same goes for q)

    no it doesnt mean tan (px - p)
    it wud be xtanp -tanp if u were to multiply it through ..same for denominator

    and the answer given is p/q

  • math - ,

    (xtanp-tanP)/(xtanq-tanq) as x approachtes zero.

    Unless p,q are somehow related to x, it is not equal to p/q.

  • math - ,

    to get p/q, it looks like somebody canceled the "tan"

    reminded me of the time when one of my students gave this solution to
    Lim (sinx)/x as x = 0
    = sin

    I told him to sin no more, but he didn't get it.

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