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religious education - again

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im sorry to ask again for help but i am still struggling with my re poster.
are there any sites i can go on that shows me any examples.
i just don`t know what to put on the poster. should i put buildings or animals. its got to be palestine in jesus` life so does that mean to pick a moment in his life and put that on the poster. i need help and im just worried about it because i don`t know what to do.

  • religious education - again -

    Use the search box at the right and enter palestine jesus life and check out the search results.

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  • religious education - again -

    In addition to that, why not visit a Travel Bureau and LOOK at the posters they have. Stop struggling, get the construction paper and put buildings, trees, or anything else from his time.

    Here is a GOOGLE Search where you can actually SEE Travel Posters:


  • religious education - again -

    I agree. Stop procrastinating.

    One note on the assignment. As a Sunday School teacher, I teach that Jesus lives today (the scripture tells us where). I always find it amusing to hear of "Jesus' time", as if he were dead. Why do we celebrate Easter, but then the rest of the year think of Jesus' life 2000 years ago?
    Ask your teacher about this. If I were doing a poster, I would show something in the present day, like at school, or at the mall, or the hospital, or at home.
    Good luck.

  • RE- religious education -

    I just wanted say a big thankyou to everyone who was kind enough to help me.
    you guys are life savers !
    happy new year every one

  • religious education - again -

    Happy New Year to you, too!

    Go get A's!!


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