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3rd grade Shurley english

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This is all new to me how would you classify the sentence:

Ouch! That bee sting hurts!

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    If it ends in an exclamation point it is an exclamation as a rule.

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    This should help. I taught Shurley English for years.

    Declarative - A declarative sentence makes a statement. A declarative sentence ends with a period.

    Example: The house will be built on a hill.

    Interrogative - An interrogative sentence asks a question. An interrogative sentence ends with a question mark.

    Example: How did you find the card?

    Exclamatory - An exclamatory sentence shows strong feeling. An exclamatory sentence ends with an exclamation mark.

    Example: The monster is attacking!

    Imperative - An imperative sentence gives a command.

    Example: Cheryl, try the other door.

    Sometimes the subject of an imperative sentence (you) is understood.

    Example: Look in the closet. (You, look in the closet.)

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    Here is the examples of the sentence patterns you will use in Shurley English:
    Pattern 1 Subject noun + Verb
    The new bus arrived unusually late today.
    Pattern 2 Subject noun + Verb + Direct Object
    By midnight,the firefighters had contain the forest fire.

    Pattern 3 Subject noun + Verb transtive + Indirect Object + Direct Object
    The groomer from the Poodle Shop gave our poodle a shampoo and a bright pink bow.

    Pattern 4 Subject noun + Linking Verb +Predicate noun
    The spendthrift soon became a penny-pincher.

    Pattern 5 Subject noun + Linking Verb + Predicate Adjective
    The fire in our fireplace is warm and cozy.

    Pattern 6 Subject noun + Verb transative + Direct Object + OCN
    Marsha still calls Jason her cousin.

    Pattern 7 Subject Noun + Verb transtative + Direct Object + PCA
    Kristen always packs her suitcase full.

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    what is declartive sentences

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    A declaritive sentence is a sentice that ends with a period and is a statement.

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    How would you clasify

    Ouch! that bee sting hurts!

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    AJ implied that he was mad at his teammates for not passing him the football

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