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Posted by John on Saturday, December 27, 2008 at 3:04am.

1. I don't have a little money.
2. I don't have little money.
3. I don't have some money.
4. I don't have any money.
5. I have a lot of money.

(Are all grammatical? Does # 1 mean #5?)

6. Do you have much money? - Not much.
(Is the answer correct?)

7. He has too much money in his wallet.
8. He has too many books in his bag.
9. He has too money in his wallet.
(from 7 to 9: #9 is incorrect, isn't it? 7 and 8 are correct, aren't they?)

10. She will be thirteen a year later.
11. She will be thirteen after a year.
12. She will be thirteen when a year passes.

(10-12: Are all grammatical?)

13. Mina cares about the earth.
14. Mina worries about the earth.
15. Mina is worried about the earth.
16. Mina is concerned about the earth.
(Are the four the same?)

17. A: How far was the forest?
B1: It was 10 kilometers away.
B2: It took 10 minutes to get to the forest.
B3: It was not so far away.
B4: It was near.
(Are the answers all correct? Would you let me know correct answers?)

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