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Posted by John on Tuesday, December 23, 2008 at 2:45pm.

1. School begins at eight.
(Does 'school' mean 'school building' or 'lesson or class'?)

2. My school begins at eight.
(What does 'school' mean here? )

3. Christmas comes in December.
Christmas falls on December.
(Are both the same? Do you have other similar expressions?)

4. He went to England by plane.
He went to england on a plane.
He went to England in a plane.
(Instead of 'by plane' which one can we use? 'On a plane' or 'in a plane'?

5. He went out for shopping.
He went out for jogging.
He went out for a trip.
He went out for eating together.
He went out for taking a walk.
He went out for going on a picnic.
He went out for school.
He went out for work.

(Are the expressions all correct?)

6. He went to Busan on a train/in a train. (Which expression do we have to use? Can we use both 'in' and'on'?)

7. They lived at a small town in England.

7-1. They lived in a small town in England.

(Which preposition do we have to use before 'a small town'?)

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