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Homework Help: physics

Posted by jeff on Monday, December 22, 2008 at 12:55am.

A frictionless track with a loop of radius 36 cm sits on a table 0.9 meters above the ground. If a 0.15 kg object just makes the loop, how high above the table did the object start and how far from the table does it land?

Can you check my work
Mgh - Mg(2R) = 0.5MV^2
gh - 2gR = 0.5V^2
gh-2gR = 0.5Rg
h = 2.5R = 2.5(.36m)= 0.9
for the second part to figure out how far from the table it lands:
Y = Voyt + .5gt^2
0.9 = 4.9t^2
t = 0.428571s
x = Voxt
x =((Rg)^0.5)*t

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