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Posted by John on Friday, December 19, 2008 at 2:25pm.

1. Her mother gave her a hot soup.
2. Her mother gave her hot soup.

(Which one is correct? Do we have to use 'a' or not? Why?)

3. What is the difference between 'mouse and rat? Is a rat bigger than a mouse?

4. the sixth month
(How do we pronounce these words? Is the 'th' sound omitted when the three are pronounced a linking sound?)

5. A: What are those?
B: They are my friends.
(Is the answer correct?)

6. A: Are they your friends or hers?
B: They are my friends.
(Is the answer grammatical?)

7. Do you use math or maths as a subject at school?

8. What food do you have for meals?
What fruit do you have for meals?
(Which one is right? Are both acceptable?)

9. She has a cough.
She has coughs.
She has cough.

(Which ones are right among the three?)

10. She has a high fever/a slight fever. (Can we say 'She has a low fever.'? Do we have to use 'a' in each sentence?)

11. Sally, Tim, this is U-ram.
11-1. Sally and Tim, this is U-ram.
(Tony is introducing Sally and Tim to U-ram. In this case, which one is right, # 11 or #11-1?)

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