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A bottle of concentrated Hydrochloric acid (HCl) has the following information stated on it: -

Hydrochloric acid 37%
1L ~ 1190kg

How do I prepare 0.1N HCl from this concentrated HCl?

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    Normality = equivalents/liter of solution.
    I think 1 L has a mass of 1.190 kg (or 1190 grams), not 1190 kg.
    Of that 1190, how much is HCl.
    1190 g x 0.37 = y grams HCl
    How many equivalents is that?
    y/equivalent mass (and in this case, equivalent mass and molar mass are the same) so y/approx 36.5 (but you do it exactly) = z so the normality is z/1 L = same as z normal which should be about 12 N.
    Now just use the dilution formula.
    12N*volume = 0.1N*volume you want to prepare.

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