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Solving Linear Equations - Elimination

Write whether each of these systems of equations has a common solution or not. Explain

y = -x + 2 Y = 2x + 1

If you show me one and explain it, then I can probably do the rest...Thanks

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    if both of your equations are expressed as y = ..., then they are easy to solve.
    You simply equate the right sides, that is,
    -3x = -1
    x = 1/3

    sub that back into either one of the two original equations to get the y
    I does not matter which one, you will get the same answer,

    so in the first
    y = -(1/3) + 2 = 5/3

    what you are doing is finding the intersection point,(the common solution), of your two lines.
    It is (1/3,5/3)

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