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Here's the question I'm having trouble with:

Tell how you would identify the intercepts for the graph of the equation:

3x + 6y = 18

I'm not exactly sure how you would find the intercepts from this equation.


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    would you know how to find them if you put it into y=mx+b form?

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    Yes! I see, I didn't really think of it that way until after I posted the message. Thank you!

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    lol wow i actually helped ?!
    i was just guessing .. im only in grade 11 anyways

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    If they are written in the form you have, it is often very easy to find

    remember to find the x-intercept you let y=0 and to
    find the y-intercept you let the x=0

    of course letting some variable equal to zero makes that term disappear.

    so to let x=0, block out the x term with your little finger, what do you see?
    6y = 18, then y = 3

    for the x-intercept, block out the y-term with your little finger and ...
    x = 6

    this works really neat if the x and y coefficients both divide evenly into the constant

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