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Science 8

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IN science we are talking about chemical prefixes and compound names.

For homework there are some questions where I have to "Name the Ionic Compounds" He talked about it but I am still confused, here is one of the questions.

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(taks out * and spaces)(I don't know how to post urls)

I am not confused about the symbols but the numbers by them


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    I can't get the URL to work. (You are not able to post URLs on here)

    Do you mean the subscripts with symbols.

    For example CaCl2. The two here means two atoms of chlorine to each atom of calcium.

    We usually name these compounds by the metal first followed by the non-metal part. So this is calcium dichloride or more simply known as calcium chloride as there is no other. Where the naming is useful is where the metal atom can have more than one valency so FeCl2 and FeCl3, which could be called iron dichloride and iron trichloride.

    Does this help?

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