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If i place a dish of ice outside in the sun, The ice has a mass of 0.59 kg and a surface area of 0.039 m2. Assuming that the ice is originally at 0 °C and using my answer for part b, which was 1370w/m^2 * 49 * 0.039m^2 = 26.18 watts, How long do i have to wait until all the ice is melted and the temperature of the resulting water has reached 4.5 °C?

You may assume that the specific heat capacity of water, c, is
4.2 × 103 J kg−1 °C−1 and that the specific latent heat of melting of water, Lf, is 3.3 × 105 J kg−1 .

  • physics expertise needed here -

    hoping that one of physics experts might pick it up.

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