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Posted by trigger on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 5:56pm.

If i place a dish of ice outside in the sun, The ice has a mass of 0.59 kg and a surface area of 0.039 m2. Assuming that the ice is originally at 0 C and using my answer for part b, which was 1370w/m^2 * 49 * 0.039m^2 = 26.18 watts, How long do i have to wait until all the ice is melted and the temperature of the resulting water has reached 4.5 C?

You may assume that the specific heat capacity of water, c, is
4.2 103 J kg−1 C−1 and that the specific latent heat of melting of water, Lf, is 3.3 105 J kg−1 .

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