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A.P.World history

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I need help finding the answers. If u know anything about it, please feel free to help.

Why do westerners have issues with veiling?
Why do many muslim women voulentarily practice veiling?
Does the practice of Hijab only apply to women?
How do people who practice veiling view the clothing styles of western peoples?

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    please i really don't understand history!!!!!!!

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    For many Westerners, veiling hides the individuality of women. It doesn't seem fair to completely cover women when men wear what they want and often don't cover their heads at all. Several years ago, I saw a man, woman, and a young child together in a grocery store. The woman, probably Saudi Arabian, was dressed in a beautiful and expensive robe that completely covered her. Her face was completely covered by a veil, except for a slit so that she could see. The man and child were dressed in Western-style clothes. I believe he was a graduate student at a local university and that she was his wife. A friend who is familiar with the Middle East told me that the woman was probably illiterate!

    Many Muslim women practice veiling because it's their custom. They believe that the veil shows their modesty in public among men who are not related. They would also be looked down upon and scorned if they weren't veiled.

    Yes, Hijab applies only to women, although the men are expected to dress modestly.

    Many Muslim women admire Western clothing and wear the latest fashions in their own homes or when only with close women relatives and friends.

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    Your such a great help thank you so much!!!!!

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    You're very welcome.

    Clothing styles everywhere depend a lot on local custom. Although my 20-something-year-old granddaughters feel comfortable wearing tight jeans and short, tight skirts and tops, I would be embarrassed to be seen in those outfits. You rarely see anyone over 30 exposing their navels. <g>

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