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are these right?

How many atoms are there in 1.3x10^22 molecules NO2?

atoms=(1.3x10^22 molecules NO2) x (2atoms/1molecule) = 2.6x10^22 atoms NO2

A 5.0g sample of O2 is in a container at STP. How many atoms of oxygen are in the container?

atoms = (5.0g O2) x (1mol/32g)x (6.02x10^23 molecules/1mol) x (2atoms/1mol) = 1.9x10^23 atoms O2


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    I didn't check the math but #2 is worked correctly. #1 is not correct. The question asks for the number of atoms and there are three atoms per molecule of NO2; i.e., 1 N atom and 2 O atoms = 3 atoms total.

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    thank you!

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