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Posted by ourania on Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 4:41pm.

If you are not currently aware of something, but you can make it conscious by focusing on it, you may assume that information resides in the
A. unconscious mind
B. preconscious mind
C. conscious mind
D. subconscious mind.

i believe the true answer is B.

If you go through a period of serious soul searching, Erik Erikson would say you are
A. engaged in an identity crisis
B. lacking love
C. searching for the self in others
D. developing a mental disorder.

I believe the right answer is A

As a student of Erikson, you realize that you can search for independence is a challenge of
A. mistrust versus trust
B. autonomy verses shame and doubt.
C. initiative versus guilt
D. industry versus inferiority

i believe the right answer is A

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