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I have this graph with the numbers
Year population (thousands)
1950 132
1960 187
1970 254
1980 346
1990 466
2000 657

I need help in analyzing this data so that I can determine the year in which the population will reach 1,000,000 people. how would i make at least two estimates using different regression models.

Thank you so much i would really appreciate it if you could help me

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    You could use a least-squares linear fit, quadratic fit, or exponential fit. I'd favor the later. An easy way to do it would be by doing a linear fit of the log of the population.
    Year Pop Log Pop
    1950 132 2.12
    1960 187 2.27
    1970 254 2.40
    1980 346 2.54
    1990 466 2.67
    2000 657 2.82
    Note that the log(base 10)of the population changes by an average of 0.14 per decade
    That is easily extrapolated to:
    2010 (912) 2.96
    2013 1000 3.00

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    what are the answers to homework 27 fitting quadractics

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    what are the answers to homework 27 fitting quadractics?

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    as a Geometric Sequence, r=1.4


    C=population you want to find(1 million)
    Co=initial population (132 thousands)
    r=1.4 so r/100=0.014 ,n is No. years

    n= log(100/132)/log1.014

    and then you ll find a value, let's say x

    you add x+1950=and get the year

    I think it's can work it out and post whether it worked or not.

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