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A ball of mass m = 500g moves around a vertical axis with an angular speed ù. It is attached to two strings of length: the upper a = 30 cm and the lower b = 40 cm.Both strings are taut and perpendicular to each other. Each of the strings beaks if the tension exceeds 12.6 N. Which of the strings will break first and for what value of ù?

Can someone please direct me with this problem also, Im lost once again.

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    Centripetal force is w^2*m*radius
    you need to calculate the radius from the dimensions.

    Now, the component of force in each string can be found

    tension upper= w^2 *r * m * sintheta where theta is the upper angle of the string triangle, or sintheta= 4/5
    tension lower you do it.

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