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pre cal

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solve for x:



explain please

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    For the first one, remember that (a^b)^c = a^(bc). 2/3 * 3/2 = 1, so raise each side to the power of 3/2. That's all you need to do; you'll be left with x=(something).

    For the second, start by splitting the left side into two fractions, like so:

    (2^x)/(2^x) + 4/(2^x) = 2.

    (2^x)/(2^x) = 1, so we can subtract that from both sides:

    4/(2^x) = 1.

    Multiply by 2^x to get that to itself:

    4 = 2^x.

    And you should be able to finish it yourself.

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