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Hi, Is it possible to have a
recombination frequency greater
than 50%?

the answer would be yes as they would assort indepnedyt? correct?

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    No. The maximum recombination frequency is 50 percent, indicating independent assortment. Anytime the independence is changed, as in linking, or crossing over, the recombination frequency is reduced.

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    Thanks bob! That really helped! Could you be so kind as to help me out with how to approach this one as well.

    In a mating of Hfr pro+ trp+ ala+ tet-s x F- pro- trp- ala- gly+ tet-r, cells are
    interrupted after several minutes and plated on the media containing various amino
    acids shown below. The tet marker is known to be transferred very late. Based on the
    number of colonies, what is the order of gene transfer? 2 PTS
    Amino acid free media with the following amino acids added # of colonies
    proline + alanine 290 colonies
    tryptophan + proline 120 colonies
    tryptophan + alanine 45 colonies
    Ans: The gene order is trp-ala-pro.


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