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im really confused on the difference between conocer and saber. can anyone help??
1. Quiero viajar mucho y (conocer/saber) los paises del mundo.
2. el (conoce/sabe) como viajar dentro de Espana.
3. El tambien (conoce/sabe) muy bien no solo Sevilla sino tambien otras ciudades como madrid y barcelona.

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    Saber means to know a fact or how to do something. Conocer means to "know" a person, or to "be acquainted or familiar with" a place, art or style etc.

    I would pick "sabe" for #2 only

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    Drwls is absolutely correct! Here are some additional things about saber and conocer.

    saber = to know how to = to express knowledge or ignorance of a fact or information about something.
    Juan sabe dónde está Maria.
    to express knowledge or ignorance of a skill, or how to do something
    Juan no sabe conducir.
    El sabe leer y escribir.
    to say you know something by heart.
    El sabe el Himno Nacional. (National Anthem)
    El no sabe la letra de La Cucaracha.

    conocer = to know/be acquainted with = to be or not to be acquainted with a person, place, or object.
    Juan no conoce a María.
    Pero conoce Los Angeles muy bien.

    ¿saber or conocer? = to express knowledge or ignorance of a subject or learning discipline, it depends upon the context (or exactly the way you use it.)
    Juan no sabe japonés.
    El sabe leer y escribir.

    Juan no conoce la literatura rusa.


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