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CheckPoint: Terrestrial Resource Plan
· Resources: Ch. 12-16 of Visualizing Environmental Science and Appendix F
· Due Date: Day 5 [Individual forum]
· Choose a terrestrial resource issue discussed in Ch. 12-16 of the text.
· Post a 5- to 7-slide PowerPoint® presentation according to the following:
o A brief description of the terrestrial resource issue
o A management and sustainment plan for the terrestrial resource
o Challenges or implications of your management and sustainment plan
· Use Appendix F as a guide when developing your sustainment plan.
· Use speaker notes to provide the details of your plan.
· Include APA guidelines for any citations and references used.
· Post as an attachment.

Axia College Material
Appendix F
Sustainability Plan Guidelines
Your sustainability plan should present what, when, and how something is to be sustained and maintained now and into the indefinite future. Your plan can be submitted in a narrative or table format. The Corporation for National and Community Service (n.d.) provides the following list of components that make up a sustainability plan that should be included in your paper or table:

1. Action items: Provide the items or activities that need to be addressed or that need to occur. Refer to the following example: My plan for sustaining clean air in my community is to develop an education program about air pollution-generating activities and their effects, schedule a presentation day and time, invite community participants, and research the effects of air pollution.
2. Order of action items: Discuss how the action items in step 1 will align or occur. One event or activity should occur before another; thus, order the items into steps similar to the following: 1) Research the effects of air pollution. 2) Develop an education program. 3) Schedule a presentation day and time. 4) Invite the community.
3. Action steps: Explain how you are going to conduct the action items. How are you going to make each item or activity happen? Include individuals or groups who will help you conduct these activities. Use the following as a guide: In order to schedule a presentation day and time, I will attend next month’s community homeowner’s association (HOA) meeting and request permission from the board to add it to the following month’s agenda.
4. Timeline: Estimate when you are going to conduct the action items, such as “In months 1-3, I will complete the research.” If an item or activity does not have a specific conclusion time, indicate that it is “ongoing.”
The following is a sample of how you might incorporate your sustainability plan into a table format—keep in mind this is an incomplete plan:

Action Items
(in the correct order) Action Steps Timeline
Research and identify the effects of air pollution. Review environmental Web sites and journals.
Document the sources of air pollution and both environmental and health effects of air pollution.

Document video interviews of environmental researchers and facilitators. Month 1-3
Develop an education program about air pollution effects. Develop a presentation about why this program is needed and include air pollution’s ill effects, the lifestyle changes that will be required, and the benefits and challenges of change. Month 1-3
Schedule a presentation day and time. Attend a monthly HOA meeting to present the benefits of the program.

Request the HOA board add the presentation to the following month’s agenda.

Document the audio and visual equipment needed for presentation and layout of the room. Month 4
Identify and invite community participants. Tally the number of homes in the community.

Create and distribute flyers to homes announcing the next HOA meeting and the educational program that will be introduced. Month 4-5

The Terrestrial Resource that I pick out of the Chapters 12-16 is, Reducing solid waste.

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