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write the slop - intercept form of the equation wiht the given slope and intercept

slope:2/5 x-int=4.5
i knwo how to do it with y-int
but how doyou do it with x- int?

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    y = mx + b, and you're right, we do not know the y-intercept here.

    so, y = (2/5)x + b.
    They tell us the X-intercept is 4.5. How does this help us? The x-intercept is where it crosses the x-axis. At that point, y = 0. So, the line crosses the point (4.5,0).
    So, now we substitute in 0 for y and 4.5 for x:

    0 = (2/5)(4.5) + b.

    We can solve for b, and we get
    b= -9/5.

    So, we now have our y-intercept, and use y = mx + b.

    Does this make sense??

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    thank you =D

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    you're welcome!

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