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what is the name for the following coordination compounds or ions?

1. [Al(H2O)6] Br3
2. [Cr(NH3)6] Cl3
3. K3[FeF6]
4. [Zn(OH)4]-2

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    Probable names:
    [Al(H2O)6] Br3 Aluminum hexaaquo bromide
    [Cr(NH3)6] Cl3 Chromium hexammine chloride(III)
    K3[FeF6] = Potassium hexafluoroferrate (III)
    [Zn(OH)4]-2 = Thetrahydroxy zincate (anion)

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    I want to offer a second opinion.
    Hexaaquoaluminum(III) bromide.
    hexamminechromium(III) chloride
    same for the third one.
    tetrahydroxozincate(II) ion

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