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A banked circular highway curve is designed for traffic moving at 60 km/h. The radius of the curve is 205 m. Traffic is moving along the highway at 40 km/h on a rainy day. What is the minimum coefficient of friction between tires and road that will allow cars to negotiate the turn without sliding off the road?


    Use the 60 km/h "naked curve design speed" to determine th banking angle, A. First convert the speed to m/s.

    (M V^2/R) = M g sin A
    sin A = V^2/(Rg)

    If the car is travelling at a slower speed, the friction force plus the gravity component must exceed the centripetal force in the radial direction along the surface. Use that fact to determine the required friction coefficient.

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    Somehow the word "banked" got typed as "naked". I must not be quite awake yet

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