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College Genetics (Nice girl needs help)

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The smidget is a tiny mammal whose sex (like humans) is determined by the presence/absence of a Y chromosome and whose dosage compensation mechanism is just like humans as well. But, this mammal differs from humans in having only two of its thousands of genes on its X chromosome. One of the two genes is called alb. Individuals hemizygous or homozygous for a recessive, loss-of-function mutant allele are white furred, while alb-/alb+ heterozygotes have patches of purple fur interspersed with patches of white. The product of an autosomal gene, called doc, is required for X-chromosome inactivation. What is the phenotype of an XXY smidget that is wild-type for both of these genes? Select one sex and one color phenotype

solid white fur
solid purple fur
patches of white & purple fur

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    Male,patches of white and purple

    just a guess though
    I said male because it said that most of the gene's are carried on the y chromosome. However in humans having a y chromosome makes a human male. Females are just XX. This being said I said male because there was a Y located in the XXY. I just purple and white since solid white is recessive. It is intersting to think though that perhaps Y chromosome is always present since it holds must of the genes. This being said maybe they are unlike humans and males are XYY. Anyway good luck.

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