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Chemistry pls help

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I have a chemistry question
Please advise how do I prepare 1L of 75% H2SO4 from concentrated H2SO4 (98% of density 1.84g/ml)? Do you have an equation which i can use? Someone gave me the following equation but I do not understand it.

Vx1.84x0.98={(1000-V)+ 1.84V}0.75

where V= volume of conc H2S04 needed to prepare 1L of 75% H2SO4.

Thanks for your help.

  • Chemistry pls help -

    1000cc of .75 is 750 ml of pure h2so4

    750=.98 Volume
    volume acid= 750/.98=
    765ml acid

    so, put 235ml of water in a beaker, then slowly stir in the 765ml acid adding the acid in small quantities.

    Wear gloves, rubber apron, and googles, and in a fume hood.

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