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Math help again...

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I'm trying to set up the problem to this question, but for some reason I am confuse and can't answer this question:

1) During a quality control test, Micronics found that 24 computer boards were defective. This amount was 0.8% of the computer boards tested.

a. How many computer boards were tested?

b. How many computer boards tested were not defective?

Can you please show the steps of how you got the answer to this question?

  • Math help again... -

    0.8x = 24
    x = ?

    I think you can take it from here. We'll be glad to check your answer.

  • Answered math question -

    Wouldn't it be 0.8% of what is 24?

  • Math help again... -

    Yes. The x stands for "what." Remember when figuring percentages, "of" means multiply.

    0.8 times x = 24

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