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Correct the following run-on sentences.

1. Justine plays hockey, she plays for a team that tours Canada.

2. The rock star cancelled his performance. It was the second time in two weeks.

3. City lots are too expensive for most people, the cost is discouraging.

4. Sybil was surprised and enthusiastic that her design won a prize at the tech fair.

5. The ice has melted. It's spring at last.

6. It's too early to get up, let me sleep longer.

Just to let you know, the original sentences had no punction. I added the periods, commas and the word "that" in Question #4.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Thank you very much.

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    In #1, the punctuation is NOT a comma (that is a run-on sentence) but a semicolon = ; separating the 2 complete sentences.

    #2 is fine.

    #3 is the same kind of error as you had in #1

    #4 and #5 are fine.

    #6 same error as in #1 and #3.


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